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The $100 Indie Book Haul Challenge

We decided to treat ourselves to some indie horror fiction and have some fun while shopping. We challenged each other to spend $100 on strictly indie horror.
*Indie/small press or self published
*$100 or less
*No pre-orders
*must blog about our choices
*must read our picks by the end of the year
Here is what we got...

Ashley's Haul


Slow Burn on Riverside by @chad_lutzke - Chad is one my auto buy authors. This book mentions coming of age and sad things and I'm here for that. 
Seeing Things by @sonorawrites - Sadie put this one on my radar. I couldn't resist the cover and it says GHOST in the synopsis...soo... I needed it.
To Be Devoured by @SaraTantlinger - As a huge fan of Sara's poetry, I knew I needed to get my hands on her novella.
Itza by Rios de la Luz - This book was recommended to me by @tracyreads when I was asking for more Mexican horror stories! I am always looking for more Latinx authors to read. 
The Bell Chime by @moralityinhorror - I've seen such great reviews for this book! Described as a disturbing, psychological novella, that's a big YES from me.
She Who Rules the Dead by @AbramsWriter - Once again, fantastic cover and this is from Weird Punk Press which is a fantastic indie press that I wanted to support.
Immortelle by @serialsemantic - What can I say? Cover art draws me to a book but also the synopsis sounds incredible. Secrets and spirits? Sold.

Sadie's Haul



Negative Space by B. R. Yeager- (Apocalypse Party Pub) This book comes recommended by Max Booth III. He said it was one of the best horror books he's read in the last few years so, yeah. SOLD

She Who Rules the Dead by Maria Abrams- (Weirdpunk Books) I'm loving what Weirdpunk is bringing to the horror table this year so this is 50% in support of this indie press and 50% author Ali Seay's blurb, "I fucking loved this book!"

The Bad Book edited by John F. D. Taff- (Bleeding Edge Books) D. Alexander Ward is the founder and editor at Bleeding Edge and a talented author. John F. D. Taff is also a talented writer and editor so The Bad Book was a no-brainer right out of the gate and then you add the TOC boasting 13 favorite writers?? Why wouldn't you buy this book?

Invisible Chains by Michelle Renee Lane- (Haverhill House Publishing) I love this blurb, "The human need for freedom mingled with vampires, werewolves, and witches makes this a book you need to read."--Linda Addison

Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco- (Valancourt Books) "

Burnt Offerings is one of the most original and scariest haunted house novels ever written. This edition, the first in decades, features a new introduction by award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones." Need I say more???

All-Monster Action by Cody Goodfellow- (Kingshot Press) This is totally a book cover design/author thing. I really didn't need to know anything more about it. All of Cody's books have slick, sexy cover designs. I wanted to buy at least three other titles but needed to share the wealth ;)

I bought a 7th book but it was a funky Amazon thing. I took a risk and it didn't quite pay off. Hopefully I'll get the book I ordered and I'll share it with everyone if/when it shows up. 

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