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Side by Side Book Review: THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM by Tyler Jones



Andrew's Review:
Betsy Lupino is an elderly woman who lives in a dilapidated fourth storey apartment with her six cats. Her felines are all she has in this world due to the ongoing battle with an ever-growing darkness in her mind. Now, the devouring shadows have seeped into her reality and threaten to viscerally consume anyone and anything in its path.
I must be a sucker for punishment because I only just finished Criterium which was a gut wrenching emotional rollercoaster to then jump directly into Jones's newest novella. Much like Criterium, I was completely engrossed by the story. The Dark Side of the Room gives the reader's a very different experience from Jones's first book but in no way was I disappointed. It is thrilling, edgy and VISCERAL. The thing I like most about the author's writing is his amazing ability to write characters that are compelling and relatable. Zach Ayers from Criterium and now Betsy Lupino from The Dark Side of the Room are these unforgettable characters who are likeable and flawed. I think its characters like these that make the story resonate with readers and establishes a deep connection with each and every scene.
The Dark Side of the Room delves deep into the horror of a mind devoured by darkness. This book will leave readers with a creeping sense of dread that is all-consuming from start to finish. Tyler Jones is an extremely talented writer who crafts some of the most compelling stories I've read in the horror genre. His books will always have a place on my shelf. 
The Dark Side of the Room by Tyler Jones


My name is Andrew 'The Book Dad' and I am a reviewer of horror fiction. It is my intent to support those in the #HorrorCommunity any way I can while on my literary journey to reading all things terrifying and suspenseful!




Janelle's Review:
Tyler Jones’ DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM is a story steeped in paranoia and darkness. The psychology of the mind never fails to entertain me, and this novella was aces!
Betsy Lupino is a lonely, elderly cat lady, living in a rundown apartment with no family to care for her. With no one to talk to, except her beloved cats, Betsy appears to be losing her grip on reality. Or is she? We get pulled into Betsy’s mind in such a visceral way as she becomes somewhat obsessed with a new tenant. The psychological torture is prevalent and all consuming. Is darkness taking over the apartment? It’s an intriguing, small glimpse into the world of this paranoid, quirky character.
I previously read Tyler Jones’ CRITERIUM and fell head over heels in love with it. Although it’s a much different story, the author certainly has his signature writing style down. In both books I became engrossed in the story and got severely attached to the characters.
DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM may not be as emotionally charged as CRITERIUM, but I was obsessed anyway. Mr. Jones has definitely got my attention! Go right ahead and follow Betsy into the rabbit hole of darkness.


Richelle's Review:

I finished this twisted little novella that has a slow creepy build until the darkness hits you right in the face. I would consider it a psychological horror. Y’all know how much I love psychology horrors. Just take my brain and put it in a blender. 

Betsy lives in a run down apartment building where the darkness lingers in the corner of her mind. The only problem is as the darkness creeps in it takes her memories with it. When she meets the new neighbor down the hall she is left to wonder if she brought the darkness that was in her mind into the real world. 

Betsy , the crazy cat lady , is kind of a prude in my opinion. I actually disliked her a little for that. Talk about nosey and judgemental neighbors. I slowly began to connect with her through her love for her various cats and many of her fears were relatable to my own. The story starts off slow with little hints of danger and then after half way through I was hit with an adrenaline rush to finish. I was completely invested. The creative kills (ah! Magnificent) left me wanting more from this author's mind and maybe even a little queasy. I also welcomed the ending that left me asking so many questions. I gave this book 4.5 ⭐️ 



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