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Playlist for SHELTER FOR THE DAMNED by Mike Thorn


Music plays an integral role in my creative process, almost as integral as the role it plays in my memories. Set in an environment modeled partially after the suburbs of my own youth, my debut novel Shelter for the Damned echoes feelings from the bands and artists who carried me through periods of adolescent angst (Alice Cooper, Korn, Rob Zombie, David Bowie, and The Cure, among others).  

I have curated two playlists that aim to capture the novel’s spirit, one with vocals and one without. The former playlist includes songs recorded in or before the year 2003, ranging from industrial and nu metal to hardcore and post-punk. Many of these tracks summon vivid personal memories from my teenage years. The second playlist, comprised of instrumental pieces (black metal interludes, dark ambient works, horror movie soundtracks, field recordings, and more) seeks to capture the novel’s dark atmosphere.  

I hope that these playlists will provide satisfying soundtracks to those who enjoy listening while they read.  

Playlist Links
Shelter for the Damned (with vocals):

Shelter for the Damned (instrumental):


Mike Thorn is the author of the novel Shelter for the Damned and the short story collection Darkest Hours. His fiction has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies and podcasts, including Vastarien, Dark Moon Digest, The NoSleep Podcast, and Tales to Terrify. His film criticism has been published in MUBI Notebook, The Film Stage, and In Review Online. Visit his website ( or connect with him on Twitter (@MikeThornWrites).

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