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Night Worms Book Party: WHISPERS IN THE DARK by Laurel Hightower

The Night Worms review team got together to do another book party and this time we read WHISPERS IN THE DARK by Laurel Hightower. I just have to say as the person that compiles all of these blurbs for the Night Worms book parties, I have never seen so many exclamation points in the reviews I’m pulling quotes from. The team was EXCITED about this book. Check out the blurbs from our review team and the photos that showed up on social media.

We have a lot more book parties planned, so be on the lookout. (Grady Hendrix, E V Knight and many more!)

The hype surrounding this book is real. This is one of the best debut novels on the indie horror scene right now. Protagonist Rose McFarland is easily one of my favorite fictional characters. Strong storytelling voice, original story ideas and full of surprises. Buy this book & keep tabs on this author.” - mother.horror

"Debut novel?! So very impressed with this entire story. As an avid thriller and horror lover, this book encompasses both of these so well that it's like this was written for me. (I'm just gonna pretend it was.) Then I see that Hightower is a paralegal who loves beer, bourbon and horror movies and I know that I would absolutely hang out with her because I resemble all of those!

I will be waiting (impatiently) for Hightower to grace us with another book. Until then, I'll try not to let the whispers get to me."-@WhereTheReaderGrows


“WHISPERS IN THE DARK by @laurelhightower is nonstop intensity, suspense, and intrigue. I am still gobsmacked that this is a debut novel. It’s a horror story wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a police procedural, wrapped in a character-building extravaganza.” - shereadswithcats


“I absolutely adore Rose as a strong female protagonist, and I really liked all of the secondary characters as well. Hightower builds a lot of tension in this story, and I found myself reading for long stretches at a time, thoroughly engrossed and unable to put the book down. I had been in a bit of a slump before reading this one, and after finishing it in less than two days, my slump is over. Now I'm anxiously awaiting Hightower's next book. She is definitely an author to watch.” - gowsy33


“WHISPERS IN THE DARK is a grim and thrilling stand-off with the supernatural. Laurel Hightower crafted an incredible story that I found irresistibly entertaining.” - thebookdad


“I want to experience it with all my senses. And this book demands all of my senses! A solid 5-star read and I cannot wait for Hightower's next endeavor!” - findingmontauk1

“Whispers in the Dark was interesting and creepy! I loved reading about Rose (a S.W.A.T. sniper) and how she coped with the emotional trauma that came from surviving a rough religious childhood and surviving a mysterious fire that killed her father and brother.” - readswithdogs


“Hightower's ability to craft a completely believable, fast-paced, emotionally charged horror/thriller makes her a force to be reckoned with, and I am so eager to see what else she writes in the future. And I know I already said it once, but gosh, this would make such an incredible book-to-screen adaptation!” - holo.reader


“WOW! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS IS A DEBUT NOVEL!!! Mrs. Hightower you killed it, this is a haunting masterpiece. It seriously gave me the creepy crawler chills!” - marcyreads

"I thoroughly enjoyed this. I often find while reading horror that the ambiguous approach is far more terrifying for me than being shown what we are dealing with right from the beginning.

Equal parts thriller and paranormal horror, this is the perfect novel to pick up when you can’t decide which genre you’re craving. I am completely blown away that this was the author’s debut novel and I will be anxiously awaiting to see what Laurel does next!” - keelyfuse85

“This is truly a gem and I truly hope that more readers will pick it up and read its contents. This would appeal to law enforcement enthusiasts or those that wear/have worn a badge, their families, lovers of crime, mystery, paranormal, general horror or to someone who simply likes a damn good, well-written book!” - kamis_korner

“Whispers in the Dark could fit in any number of categories horror, mystery, thriller and it walks that line fairly well. Rose McFarland's story will appeal to fans of any of those genres. I initially bought this book to support my fellow Kentuckian, Laurel Hightower. I can tell you now that it wouldn't matter if she was from Jupiter, Laurel Hightower can write.” - teamredmon


“Whispers in the Dark was creepy AF and I loved how there were so many layers to this horror story. Mixing supernatural with real life horror elements - this book had all my favorite tropes.” - bookishmommy


“Whispers in the Dark is quite literally the perfect debut novel. Everything about this book is well written. You’ve got a strong, compelling female protagonist, an extremely interesting story and enough creepiness spread throughout to keep you second guessing turning the lights off. Laurel Hightower has proven herself as an author to keep on your radar with her debut offering, Whispers in the Dark.” - steelrainreviews


“It’s like an omelet of familiar horror tropes. Yes, it’s a ghost story at its core, but there’s thriller elements, mystery elements - and it’s complex. I really enjoyed my time with Rose, a protagonist that you root for.” - thehorrorhypothesis


“WitD does a pretty solid job at maintaining the same level of anxiety for chapter one throughout the remainder of the book as we follow a fun cast of characters working through a peculiar mystery. With most of the charm coming from the smarmy folks, those with dealing beyond the door.” - zakk.madness


“Laurel Hightower wrote a really great debut novel. The characters had depth, the plot was intriguing and the scares were around every corner. This will be an easy read for supernatural horror lovers, despite the slow start.” - pageandparlor

I would say this book is equal parts supernatural horror and thriller. The protagonist is a badass woman with two children, a successful career and refreshing intolerance for men saving the day. She can save herself. She can save the world.

5 stars” - mrsbeverlygibbs

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