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Night Worms Book Party: THE THIRTEENTH KOYOTE by Kristopher Triana

Happy World Book Day! What better way to celebrate than with a big, loud, party of book nerds praising something they all read together and loved. As you know, the Night Worms have been reviewing the Death's Head Press Splatter Western series. Some books have been unanimous successes, some have been a mixed bag of opinions and some were mildly disappointing. But THE THIRTEENTH KOYOTE has been one of the best group reading experiences. Check out what everyone wants to say about this epic Splatter Western by Kristopher Triana







"Epic is truthfully the best word to describe The Thirteenth Koyote. Kristopher Triana crafted a full brutal western tale that is an unholy combination of supernatural and cosmic horror. Everything from the chaotic yet whimsical storytelling to the gut-wrenching character driven scenes enthralled me. This Splatter Western novel not only sets itself apart from other volumes in the series, it stands to be the best indie horror novel I have ever read. I challenge fans of horror fiction to put this book at the top of your TBR. You owe it to yourself to read this novel as soon as possible. You’ll thank me once you do.


" This is my third or fourth book I’ve enjoyed by Kristopher Triana and I’ve come to appreciate his particular, signature brand of horror. He knows what he’s doing. His books are shocking and disturbing but there is always a reason for everything--an intention behind all the graphic images. This is an epic Splatter Western with a complex, intricately plotted storyline. There's a large cast of characters and Triana spends time developing them. There are several supporting themes like, vengeance and redemption but the central one is a classic, Good vs. Evil/Light vs. Darkness.  I was expecting nothing. I was expecting the story to say “fuck your feelings, Sadie” but it didn’t. Thanks Triana. We earned it! You took us on a pretty fucked up journey at the end of the day, damn it if I didn’t enjoy it. A lot. 5/5"


"WHOA! This beast of a book is packed with full on brutality and brilliance! It is so difficult to even begin a review as my mind is sufficiently blown after reading this. This is the longest book in the Splatter Western Series from Death's Head Press, and it does not waste a single page. Honestly, I never wanted this book to end. The characters in this book are so fleshed out and incredible... and Triana develops them so well. I think the character development, growth, and journey aspects are some of the best in this series and some of the best I have read in a long time. The characters alone make this a 5 star read for me. The action is PACKED PACKED PACKED to say the least and you will definitely be on the edge of your seat - there's so much savage brutality and gore as well! My hands should be stained red after holding this book! Check this one out for sure!"


"Where to even begin with this review? It's absolutely daunting to write a review for a book that I loved as much as I loved this one. I feel at a loss for words to describe the experience. But of course I'm going to try my best because as a reviewer my goal is to get other people to read the books I love. I want to share the experience without giving anything away, but it's so hard to do that when you are absolutely gushing over a book. Anyway, I think you can see where I'm going with this.  This book has edge of your seat, heart in your throat, full blown action sequences that leave you breathless in between. And you better believe that Triana brings the blood in this one. There are so many gory scenes and disturbing imagery that the pages practically ooze blood. Extreme horror lovers will not be disappointed. Seriously, this book is literally like the cherry topper on a blood filled Splatter Western Sundae. It's epic. It's phenomenal. It's a must read for lovers of horror. You need to pick this one up. 5/5" @gowsy33


"I'm probably one of the most skeptical of Splatter Westerns, especially a 500 page brick of a book but when I heard it was being written by Kristopher Triana, I was like, you son of a bitch, I'm in.
The Thirteenth Koyote exceeded my expectations. It kept my attention from start to finish and even after almost 500 pages, I still wasn't ready to say goodbye.
This book is full of terrible people and terrible situations, violence and gore but somehow Triana makes it work.

But there are also characters you'll fall in love with. Who you'll root for. Between the werewolves, magic and incredible writing, I guarantee you'll love this one. 5/5"



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"Another Splatter Western has arrived, this time from an author who I'm very familiar with as high caliber writer, though this would be my first dive into his work. First off let me say for those who don't know me, Im usually skeptical of a book more than 300ish pages. Just not typically my thing, they lose their grip on my attention. So despite knowing that Triana was an author that many love, I did have my reservations and I'm happy to say that those reservations were left in the dust.

Triana has crafted an epic. Full of gore, violence, a large, meaningful cast of characters. What we have here is a book that in all aspects, the storytelling and writing matches the violence, action and gore bit for bit. Triana has gifted the horror worl with a book that proves sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. This was my first Triana but it damn sure won't be my last." @SteelrainReviews


" This book has something for everyone to be scared of. The Thirteenth Koyote has a brutal and raw way of showing exactly what real life monsters are capable of while still giving readers some fantastical not-so-real-life terrors. And when I say that Triana show’s what monsters are capable of, I mean it. He does not hold back. At all. If you want specific trigger warnings, feel free to message me and I can talk about it with you, but I prefer to leave my reviews content warning free. I recommend this five star read to any horror lover that thinks they can stomach it. It will make you upset. It will make you mad. It will stick with you when it’s over. Nothing in this book felt forced, nothing felt off. It will easily be one of my favorite books of 2021. It was an easy 500 some pages to read and it wrecked me when it was over. This was my introduction to Kristopher Triana and I am thoroughly impressed. I’ll be reading Gone to See the River Man next because I am ready to be hurt again.

Thank you to Death's Head Press and Night Worms for this book. I love doing these Night Worms book parties! 5/5" @pageandparlorbooks

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