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Night Worms Book Party: THE MAGPIE COFFIN by Wile E. Young

Published by: Death's Head Press
Book 1 of the Splatter Western Series


We love a theme party, here at Night Worms. So we threw a splatter western party with The Magpie Coffin by Wile E. Young when the kind people at Death's Head Press sent us each a copy of it. We all have awesome words of praise for this book and we’re looking forward to THE NEXT NINE BOOKS in this splatter western series (yea, there are nine more authors writing nine more books, you read that right). Below are some photos we shared on social media and blurbs from our reviews. 

We have lots of exciting book parties planned for the future. Stay tuned!

This is the first splatter western I have read as well as the first book from Wile E. Young and it will not be the last of either! It took a couple of chapters to settle me into this world and a slightly different genre than I am used to, but once I found my way into this new universe there was no time to look back.” -@findingmontauk1


“This story sets the stage for what is bound to be a wildly successful endeavor in the horror community. Wile E. Young penned a terrifyingly twisted revenge story set in a gritty American wild west where terrible men and women thrive. I recommend this novel for anyone with a hankering for supernatural horror. Now, quit your caterwauling and grab yourself a copy of volume one in this splatter western series!” -@thebookdad


“Initially, I was like, do I like westerns? But rest assured, I do. And I am especially glad that this is a SERIES. Young takes us on a blood fueled revenge escapade all along the Western territories.” -@bookishmommy


 “As an uncultured cave hag, I was unfamiliar with the concept of splatter western. Is it like cowboys and gore? Essentially, yes it is. I was pleasantly surprised by Young’s ability to combine magic, gore, and the old west setting to create an exciting, compelling read.” -@mrsbeverlygibbs


“If you're a fan of westerns and splatter & revenge themed horror, you'll love this. Even if you wouldn't normally consider yourself a fan of westerns at all, this one will surprise you! Don't let the cowboy vibes deter you from what is shaping up to be an amazing new series within an exciting little subgenre that I'll definitely be keeping my eye on moving forward.” -@holo.reader


“Well slap my saddle and dig a spur in my neck because I went into this book side-eyed and am walking out EYES-WIDE. I was skeptical if I would like a Splatter Western book but I HAD to try it because HORROR and um, yes, I'm definitely a fan.” -@wherethereadergrows


I thought that Wile E. Young knocked this one out of the park. If you ever found yourself watching a Clint Eastwood movie and wishing there was more bloody mist and brain matter, you will love this book. I enjoyed every minute of this book and am eagerly anticipating the rest of the 'Splatter Westerns' from Death's Head Press. I do wish that Wile E. Young would revisit this universe because I crave more from Salem and also from Young.” -@teamredmon

This is an excellent story well told. Mentioning that Young is a master at description is an understatement. I felt like I was there the entire time I was reading. I really enjoyed this one, and I can't wait to see what else Young has in store. Pick this one up and discover a new favorite subgenre for yourself.” -@gowsy33


I ran a gambit of emotions while reading this and I truly hope he will carry on the many adventures of Mr. Covington and show us how the west was really won! Bravo!!” -@kamis_korner


First off, this is my fourth Western novel and I can fully declare that it is a favorite genre of mine. Especially if it's all gory as THE MAGPIE COFFIN is, I mean it is splatter so it goes without saying that this is full of gore. And I enjoyed every second of it.”-@marcyreads


“This book is one that goes in my top 10 of 2020 thus far. It's creative cruelty and compelling characters make for a book that you can't put down. It feels like it has just scratched the surface of a much deeper story, that I can't stop thinking about. I keep coming back to it in my mind asking questions and presenting different theories. Y'all need to read this book asap so we can talk about it!”-@pageandparlor

I know what you're thinking, "a western? Not really my thing." But as you can see, this is a SPLATTER western. Think all of the wonderful parts of horror simply in a different era.” -@keelyfuse85


“THE MAGPIE COFFIN kicks off the “Splatter Western” series for Death's Head Press and Wile E. Young bursts through the Saloon door, revolver blazing, with an epic revenge romp that I consumed in a single sitting. It’s a perfect cocktail. An Old Fashioned, mixed with supernatural bitters.” -@thehorrorhypothesis


The opening salvo in DHP’s Splatter Western starts things off with a stick of dynamite. I can only hope the rest of the series can match the quality of book one. The Magpie Coffin is one hell of an introduction to the author and easily my favorite novel from the publisher.” -@steelrainreviews


If it isn't obvious, I love this book. It's epic. I want more from this universe. I'm eager for the rest of the books in this series, for sure, but it's Wile E. Young's particular brand of Horror-Westerns I'm craving right now. Highly recommended.” -@mother.horror

I recently started reading horror western mashups this past year and I’m obsessed. Needless to say I cannot wait to read more of Deaths Head Press’ splatter westerns! If you are looking for a wicked great read then pick up THE MAGPIE COFFIN.” -@shereadswithcats


“I've never read a splatter western before and initially I was worried I wouldn't like it because westerns can be long and boring. Well, right from the start The Magpie Coffin is nonstop action and lots of gore. I mean, I expected bloody guys abound to fulfill the "splatter" part of 'Splatter Western' but this is BEYOND.” -@readswithdogs

My knee-jerk reaction? HOLY SMOKES, Wile E. Young, where’ve you been my whole life?! Maybe where have I been is the right question. This read was downright rad and is highly recommended. Mr. Young, you and I will need to become better acquainted. Soon.” -@zakk.madness

 Look for the next book in the series and stay tuned for another Night Worms Book Party with HUNGER ON THE CHISHOLM TRAIL by M. Ennenbach

The first cattle drive of the season leaves Texas for Abilene, Kansas along the Chisholm Trail, but unforeseen terrors lay hidden in the natural beauty of the land. In the heart of Indian Territory lies the sleepy town of Duncan, a friendly respite from the dusty land. But something lurks in the untamed West-a powerful creature that hunts to satiate its horrifying hunger. The land will run red with blood, and only Karl Beck a chance against this ancient evil.

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