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Night Worms Book Party: SKINWRAPPER by Stephen Kozeniewski

Night Worms know how to party. This month we partied by reading SKINWRPPER by Stephen Kozeniewski. After quite a few of these book parties, I thought I knew how each person was going to react to this novella. I am always surprised by everyone’s differing and unique reviews. Here are some of the photos that showed up on social media as well as some blurbs from those reviews:

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This novella is an excellent mix of science fiction and horror that kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend it to readers who are looking to try out this horror, hybrid sub-genre as it doesn’t get crazy complicated with terminology. My only qualm is when I finished, it left me wanting more! SKINWRAPPER is a dark, fast-paced, and terrifying book.” - @shereadswithcats

I might not read a novel-length horror/Sci-Fi so this was the perfect size for me--a compact, dark, brutal story set in deep-space with an intelligent female protagonist trying to survive formidable, savage enemies.” - @mother.horror


SKINWRAPPER offers just enough story to make me super interested in the world of THE HEMATOPHAGES. It's all killer and no filler, and I really enjoyed it.” - @gowsy33


I really enjoyed this for what it was: a short, fast, action-packed sci-fi horror thrill ride. I wouldn't say there was a whole lot of character development or that the plot was completely original, but I enjoyed the time I spent reading the pages, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout.” - @holo.reader


“This was such a nice surprise being that I went into this novella blind. I absolutely love a good sci-fi horror, I would even venture to say that it is one of my favorite sub-genres of horror, and this definitely did not disappoint.” - @marcyreads


“This quick read is different in the best possible way. Common people, we are talking about S P A C E P I R A T E S. How awesome is that!? If you are looking for an exciting and tense sci-fi read with plenty of gore to boot, then this is the perfect book for you.” - @thebookdad


The author makes you feel how terrifying taking the best possible route can actually be even without being the action hero. He doesn’t tell you how scared the character is, he shows you through small motions and movements.” - @keelyfuse85

The keen descriptions help to set our orbital scene and despite the size of the book, I did find myself vested in these characters and this gritty world. The suspense is white-knuckle till the very end!” - @kamis_korner

Skinwrapper is a fun, quick, creepy space-horror novella that throws you right into the action as soon as you start reading. It kind of has blended vibes of Dead Space and Firefly, especially when it comes to the Skinwrappers themselves.” - @findingmontauk1


Before I started reading horror almost exclusively, I read a lot of sci-fi, so reading this book felt like visiting an old friend. An old friend that has globules of blood floating around. I enjoyed this book and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.” - @teamredmon


I really dig the Sci-fi and horror blend, though short in length, Kozeniewski does an excellent job of using the pages to create a constant sense of tension and danger. No need to worry if you aren’t a fan of sci-fi, this book is an excellent fit for anyone looking for a gripping read.” - @steelrainreviews


“Skinwrapper is a fun little book. I loved that I could read it in one sitting and it had an awesome lineup of female cast members. The skinwrappers are the definition of a nightmare. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was just missing some oomph for me.” - @bookishmommy

“...this was a weird little book. Not enough gore for a bloody creepy title and confusion abound because the high techy stuff is flung around and I had no idea what was happening.” - @readswithdogs


“SKINWRAPPER was good. The ending was unexpected, the story was unique and the book was fast-paced. There were some really unsettling visuals and the world the book is set in seems vast and really well planned. I wish more had happened in the story, but I’m not disappointed with what was there. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fast-paced sci-fi horror books. I read it in one sitting and it’s definitely something we can all squeeze into our TBRs.” -@pageandparlor


“I am a bit curious as to where the story would now go and would not be opposed to reading The Hematophages as I think the fuller novel may work better for me personally as a reader. Good concept, some fantastic gore. Alas, it just didn't *quite* work for me.” - @wherethereadergrows


“Skinwrapper is a gnarly bit of fiction, a little space horror, which I’m coming to realize that I enjoy quite a bit more than I thought I did. Maybe my tastes are shifting, refining as I age, but sci-fi yarns with a HEAVY horror fringe are really speaking to me. Kozeniewski packs quite a bit of content into 75ish pages. A fair amount of gristle and bone and bloodletting, oozing tension throughout. I dig Kozeniewski’s style, his ability to craft a grizzly scene, and his knack for quality dialog.” - @zakk.madness


If you are ever in the mood to throw up in your mouth, then you can achieve that in a very short amount of time with this novella. If it was written as a teaser for “the "Hematophages”, it definitely did its job. It left me wanting to know more about this universe, where it seems women dominate everything. That being said, as a standalone, it falls a bit short. There needed to be a little more world-building for the reader to fully comprehend this universe that is so different than ours.” - @mrsbeverlygibbs


Author: Stephen Kozeniewski

Publisher: Sinister Grin Press

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