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Night Worms Book Party: DR. HERBERT WEST & ASTOUNDING TALES OF MEDICAL MALPRACTICE by Arcana Studios, Bruce Brown and Thomas Boatwright

Time for a family-friendly Night Worms book party! We were all sent this really cool graphic novel, DR. HERBERT WEST & ASTOUNDING TALES OF MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, by Arcana Studios, Bruce Brown and Thomas Boatwright. Us Night Worms are all horror lovers, obviously, and most of us loved RE-ANIMATOR the film and the 1922 H. P. Lovecraft serial novelette HERBERT WEST- REANIMATOR that the film was loosely based on. We all seemed to really like this one and the parental Night Worms wanted to share it with our offspring. Below are blurbs from our full reviews and photos that were posted on social media.
The next book party we have coming your way is HUNGER ON THE CHISHOLM TRAIL by M. Ennenbach, the second book in the Splatter Western Series from Dead Head Press, so stay tuned!

Overall, this book is fun, short, and great for young readers. It's definitely something I can let my kids read to make sure they're starting off right within the horror genre.” -@pageandparlor

“This is a fun read for adult horror fans to share with the children in their lives-either reading together or given as a gift, the gift of age-appropriate horror! It's an attractive, cheeky little graphic novel for Lovecraftian collectors, movie cinephiles, and people who just love great artwork.” -@mother.horror

“Dr. Herbert West Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice received 5 / 5 stars from me. It is an astonishingly fun and intellectual graphic novel that'll entertain the entire family. I found this book to be delightful and quirky but Thomas Boatwright's artwork is what stood out to me. Much like the title, the story, and art is astounding.” -@thebookdad

“ This book is perfect for budding horror fans. If your kid is like me and tends to lean more toward the dark and spooky things in life, this book is a perfect introduction to horror and Lovecraft. It just may lead them to a life-long love of all things macabre.”- @gowsy33

“DR. HERBERT WEST & ASTOUNDING TALES OF MEDICAL MALPRACTICE is fun for all ages! The story is super fun and the art is fantastic!” -@shereadswithcats

“This graphic novel is also a great opportunity for parents to share in the experience with their child and offer a unique talking point on Lovecraft, horror films and the macabre through animation.” -@kamis_korner

“Sometimes you just need an escape from reality and this short graphic novel was just what I needed!⁣”- @readswithdogs

“What a fun graphic novel this is. It is exactly what I needed during these tough and stressful times. I woke up this morning feeling deflated and emotionally drained and believe or not this graphic novel kicked the funk right out.” -@marcyreads
The art in this graphic novel is absolutely beautiful and I really liked the world that was created here. I hope there are more adventures coming for Herbert and Elizabeth. There's enough in this to be a great read for both kids and adults.”-@teamredmon
I found this to be a quick and fun read that parents and kids could enjoy simultaneously. This would go great on your shelves if you have a little one who doesn’t shy away from spooky things - I see this as a fun bedtime read.
Dexters Laboratory mixed with the Cthulu Mythos?
Sign me up.” -@thehorrorhypothesis
“This graphic novel is fun for the whole family - and it has great, fun drawings with really cool colors! I felt like I was a kid again watching some Saturday morning cartoons and sometimes that is just the kind of feeling you need. It was a great break from everything... and provided some much needed nostalgic relief. This graphic novel tale of a brother and sister will definitely put a smile on your face! 5 stars!” -@findingmontauk1

“Holy crap that was a ton of fun. First of all, let's talk about the illustrations: GORGEOUS!! ADORABLE!! I couldn't get enough. The characters and the colors were just top-notch. The story was just adorable and a little creepy. PERFECT to read with the whole family. I was able to read it with my 6-year-old and we both loved it.”-@bookishmommy

“A horror graphic novel gift that I opened with care and then played with immediately. And one thing we all know, you can't stop West from doing what he was born to do - at least you can't 98.825% of the time.”-@wherethereadergrows

This book is rated PG, so I decided to ask the children to help review it!...

Mom: ‘Did you enjoy this book?’

Quincy (12): ‘It was good, but the end was a little anticlimactic. I thought the artwork was good and the premise of the story was good.’

Alex (14): ‘It was good.’

Alison (10): ‘It was good, I liked it!’” - @mrsbeverlygibbs

“This is definitely one I’d check out with my two boys. It’s a fun adventure with beautiful artwork, a nice gateway to the dark side!”- @steelrainreviews

“I sat down and started reading this with my 4-year-old son and he now thinks that zombies are after tasty pastries that resemble donuts!
This graphic novel is far more aesthetically pleasing than any that I have ever attempted to read. The colors in the illustrations gave me life and are just so beautiful.” - @keelyfuse85
The story is fun, downright fun, the illustrations are great, and the color-play is very visually stimulating. I sincerely hope for more entries in this fun for all ages series and that this may be a gateway for some to find their way to horror.”- @zakk.madness

 “5 stars for this, and I'm hopeful that there may be other books like it, 'cause the ending was definitely open enough for a sequel! I'd love to read more of this, and spend a bit more time with the gorgeous art between the pages! This is going to be one of my top reads of the year - it was just so much FUN!!⁠“ -@holo.reader

Thank you Arcana Studio for the free copies in exchange for a review consideration!

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