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Night Worms Book Club: Join Us!

We had several Night Worms customers reach out to ask if we had a dedicated book club. The short answer is: 

Yes! We do!

The long answer is that we started one but we need to be better about maintaining it. Due to the newest level of interest, we will commit to it for you. So our book club is on Goodreads:

Night Worms Book Club


We have updated the group read-a-long to reflect our August books:
COME WITH ME by Ronald Malfi and CHASING THE BOOGEYMAN by Richard Chizmar. Sadie (Mother Horror) is almost finished with COME WITH ME and started a thread where Night Worms members can chat about it with her and others as they finish. 

Finished Discussion Post for COME WITH ME by Ronald Malfi

We hope to see you there!

Sadie & Ashley

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