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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week-May 24th, 2021



Another week, another review. I decided to dive into my backlist because, let’s face it, I have so many books I haven’t read. I have become a faithful patron of Valancourt Books in the past year or, and I’ll tell you why. Valancourt Books is an independent press that brings back the rare, out-of-print horror classics. I collect their anthologies, new releases of old favorites, and some books I’ve never even heard of. COLD MOON OVER BABYLON by Michael McDowell is one of those books. As soon as I finished, I immediately went to Valancourt’s website to purchase more McDowell.

COLD MOON OVER BABYLON is what most would call a “slow burn”, but there is nothing slow about it. The mysterious death of Margaret Larkin casts a darkness over the small Southern town of Babylon. Margaret’s killer roams free and the area’s murky Styx river is conjuring up revenge to bring Margaret justice.

This book is a spooky, creepy read. The supernatural aspect is absolute perfection and the characters keep you on your toes. McDowell knows how to write a proper ghost story. The atmospheric, mystical, and vivid setting paints the perfect backdrop for revenge of Margaret Larkin’s murder. COLD MOON OVER BABYLON is an ominous reading experience that will haunt your dreams. 



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