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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week-May 12th, 2021


Good morning kittens! The pandemic is not over (please get vaccinated), but things are starting to open up. It’s a wonderful thing having hope for the months ahead. I hope you are all looking forward to what the future has to offer as much as I am.
This week I chose Goddess of Filth by V. Castro. I received this exquisite little book in my Night Worms subscription package - they never disappoint. Even though I own a couple books by Castro, I’ve yet to read one until now. I’ve heard amazing things, and you never know, but luckily for me, V. Castro is a fantastic writer.
I am all about the possession horror trope! Maybe it’s my love of The Exorcist starting from the age of seven, but it definitely stuck with me. And the wonderful thing about Goddess of Filth is that the story revolves around a group of young Mexican women who are best friends that recently graduated high school together. Not only do I love possession tropes, but I am obsessed with coming of age tales, especially from a feminine perspective.
Ana, Perla, Pauline, Lourdes, and Fernanda conduct a séance that goes from good times to intense fear. Fernanda starts to behave in a rather unusual way as she has been taken over by an ancient entity. The story specifically focuses on Fernanda and Lourdes - I really enjoyed reading these characters. They reside in an extremely religious town in San Antonio, Texas, so it was interesting to see how these ladies break free of their family’s expectations. I appreciate Castro’s message of young women coming into their own, even if that’s in a supernaturally horrific situation.
Goddess of Filth is such a fun story. My only complaint is that it could’ve been longer, but that’s the nature of a 156 page novella. I feel like it’s a good sign if I devour a book and still want more. Also, I am in love with the cover, and the spine is my favorite part.
Have a great week you sparkly humans!

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