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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week- March 25th, 2021


I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU by S. P. Miskowski


Hi all! I went through a bunch of books this week before landing on the perfect one. Women authors in horror seem to be killing it lately because they’ve all been winners. My latest pick, which will come as no surprise, is a Sadie recommendation. Gosh, does she know her horror fiction.

I Wish I Was Like You by S.P. Miskowski is a phenomenal read. As soon as I started I knew this book was a winner, although sometimes it can be hard to stick the landing. Miskowski not only wowed me with her writing and character development, but she most definitely stuck the landing. I devoured every bit of this story and now I have Nirvana’s All Apologies stuck in my head (RIP Kurt Cobain).

In mid-nineties Seattle, we meet Greta Garver, who, after a long and trying day at work, comes home to find her own corpse. She can hardly process the fact that she is actually looking at her own dead body. Greta doesn’t believe she died in the manner in which she is found. Nope. She needs to go on a ‘haunting’ spree to figure out what happened. We follow along with Greta, a sometimes likable, sometimes unlikeable narrator who I quickly became invested in. She’s a ghost stuck in the living world who’s cynical, snarky, all consumed, and yet somehow relatable. The story jumps around in timelines and narrators, but it’s easy to keep up. Greta’s story made me reflect on the afterlife and the 1990s Seattle setting gave me all kinds of nostalgic vibes. The wit and dark humor is on point as I found myself giggling at more than few passages.

I Wish I Was Like You is full of mystery, a bit of horror, and suspense, all in a beautifully written package. Ultimately, this is a dark story with a sly bit of humor and Miskowski’s unique and smart writing style had me until the end.

Janelle Janson @ She Reads with Cats

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