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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week-March 18th, 2021





Good morning horror addicts! This weekend went by super fast, with kittens and puppy running around everywhere. But at least we can start the week off right with an excellent book recommendation! A while back I preordered In Nightmares We're Alone by Greg Cisco from Off Limits Press because it looked amazing, and by golly, I was right. Also, the book cover gives me the heebie-jeebies because, fun fact, dolls really creep me out. This is one of many books that I preorder and then promptly forgot what it is about. Luckily I'm a "go in blind" type of reader, so this works out perfectly.

In Nightmares We're Alone, we encounter a trio of novellas that intertwine in a unique and clever way. I love this book's style as we read three different narratives that somehow come together in the end.

In the beginning story, Good Little Dolly, we follow Macie, a young girl haunted by her mother's doll. Cisco does a perfect job writing from a little girl's perspective (it makes you wonder how that is). And yes, Macie's mother collects creepy dolls just like the one on the cover. Next, the second novella, Growth, is a wild one. Verdure growth literally comes out of the fingernails and toenails of a con artist. This allegory is an interesting one and has the perfect amount of body horror. Finally, we have the third novella, That Thing We Don't Quite See, which is incredibly sad. We meet Edna, who is grieving over the loss of her father, when she sees strange messages coming from her father's typewriter. In this final story, we see how the stories all fall together. Cisco cleverly constructed these novellas to land on a satisfying conclusion.

Please, please tell me you will drop everything and order In Nightmares We're Alone from Off Limits Press. It's so damn good.

Before you leave, meet Mia and Jules! They have the cutest little faces, and soon, I hope, Stella (our pup) will love them too.

Janelle Janson @ She Reads with Cats


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