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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week-June 7th

Good morning, afternoon, or good evening, depending on where you are. It’s June, which means it’s Pride month! Pride Month always brings me joy because we get to celebrate our friends in the LGBTQ+ community. Also, we gets lots of rainbows.
I read diverse authors and genres in my day-to-day life, but this month I plan to focus solely on my favorite queer authors. In every book I choose, I want to highlight the amazing talent in the horror genre from the LBGTQ+ community. My hope is that I not only discover new authors, but that you will too. So let’s get started!
Hailey Piper is a somewhat new-to-me author that Sadie Hartmann introduced me to (obvi). First, I read Benny Rose, the Cannibal King, and really enjoyed it. After that I decided to binge read every other book I own by Hailey, and it was the best day.
I read The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, An Invitation to Darkness, The Worm and His Kings, and Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy and I enjoyed them all. My two favorites are The Worm and His Kings and An Invitation to Darkness. Although, I have favorites, please know I highly recommend them all. Luckily, my spidey senses didn’t fail me because I preordered the limited edition of Queen of Teeth from Rooster Republic Press and I am bursting with kittens of excitement.
Be kind to one another and have a rainbow-tastic day.
Hi, my name is Janelle! I am a voracious reader, freelance writer, and reviewer. Currently, I write for Tor Nightfire and Cemetery Dance. I enjoy reading books from all types of genres, however, I do have my favorites. My first and forever true loves are horror, thriller, and true crime. I read my first Stephen King book at age seven and I’ve never looked back. In addition to books, I enjoy art, coffee, and all things animals. I am a firm believer that animals are better than people and deserve this planet more than we do. I am a true crime sleuth and a dilettante puzzle solver. I currently reside in Northern California with my husband, two kittens, and an oversized puppy.

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