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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week- June 29th, 2021




Happy Tuesday, all! So apparently there is a heat wave going on, and oh my goodness, IT IS HOT. Make sure you drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.

Pride Month is coming to an end, but let’s remember to continue our kindness, support, and love for the LGTBQ+ community. Now, on with my final Pride Month horror author feature!

Today, the spotlight shines on Poppy Z. Brite. Kallie from @pageandparlorbooks introduced me to the novel Exquisite Corpse, and after that I quickly devoured any Poppy Z. Brite book I could get my hands on.

Exquisite Corpse exceeded my expectations in every way. Andrew Compton is a serial killer who views himself as an artist. Andrew is presumed dead, and heads to New Orleans where he gets mixed up with some intriguing characters: Jay, Luke, and Tran. There are many layers to the story and things get extremely dark, sexual, and gory. Brite doesn’t shy away from using plenty of descriptive and grisly scenes, with horrific, beautifully written imagery. The novel was written during the peak of HIV/AIDS crisis and Brite does incorporate this into the story in a profound way. Exquisite Corpse is a must read for all of my horror-loving friends.


Hope you all have a delightful rest of the week! Meow! Meow! 


Hi, my name is Janelle! I am a voracious reader, freelance writer, and reviewer. Currently, I write for Tor Nightfire and Cemetery Dance. I enjoy reading books from all types of genres, however, I do have my favorites. My first and forever true loves are horror, thriller, and true crime. I read my first Stephen King book at age seven and I’ve never looked back. In addition to books, I enjoy art, coffee, and all things animals. I am a firm believer that animals are better than people and deserve this planet more than we do. I am a true crime sleuth and a dilettante puzzle solver. I currently reside in Northern California with my husband, two kittens, and an oversized puppy.

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