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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week- February 1st, 2021

INFERNAL- Cheryl Low


BOOK OF THE WEEK-February 1, 2021

INFERNAL by Cheryl Low is one of those books where I scratched my head and thought, “what took me so long?” My friend Matt Redmon gifted this book to me for my birthday last year, and I finally decided to pick it up. And just in time for Women in Horror Month!

We’ve all been stuck inside the past few months, so I decided to take a little island vacation, in my head, that is. And what better way to do that than with island horror? So come on, let’s go!

Val DeNola is a scientist who loves to take risks. Her specialty is Great White Sharks, as a few years ago, she was almost killed by one. Despite losing an appendage and nearly her life, she’s back doing what she loves best. Val and her sister, Julie, plan to shoot a documentary about a notoriously uninhabited island, so they gather a team together with videographers, marine biologists, and archeologists to embark on a trip to Isla de Los Perdidos. After they arrive, they split up into groups to explore the island, the many shipwrecks, and the surrounding water. However, nothing about this island makes any sense. The ocean life, including the shark population, is like nothing Val has seen before. The island’s weather system is harrowing, and the wildlife is extremely aggressive. And did I mention, much larger than anticipated? Yikes!

I am such a fan of survival and adventure horror in movies and books, and Low exceeded all of my expectations. I was glued to this story from beginning to end, as the tension ran high and the pacing ran quick. The imagery and descriptions of the deserted island and danger lurking around every corner were thrilling. Nature can accomplish pretty much anything, and in the hands of a talented writer, it can scare the bejesus out of you. INFERNAL is a heart-racing extravaganza of good fun! I am excited to read my next Cheryl Low adventure.


Happy Monday y’all! See you next week! 

Janelle Janson @ She Reads with Cats


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