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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week-February 15th, 2021

RECEPTION by Kenzie Jennings
Happy Monday, horror lovers! This week I've got a doozy for you! Last-minute, I decided to take part in Sadie's, aka Mother Horror's, read-along with Death's Head Press. A bunch of us got together and read Reception by Kenzie Jennings. (If you decide to read along, use hashtag #redreception). As usual, I went in blind, but I figured there were cannibals, and by golly, I was right.

We follow Ansley, who is battling an addiction to prescription drugs and recently got out of rehab. She's on the outs with her family, but her sister Shay is getting married at a remote resort, and she is deadset on going. Little does she know, her sister is not marrying into your typical family, but rather one with quite the secret. What can go wrong with being stuck in a remote location with a bunch of people you don't know or haven't talked to in a while and with zero cellphone service?

Reception starts with a bloody bang and then prepares us for the meal of these characters' lives. A wedding reception with a family of cannibals will definitely be entertaining, and this story does not disappoint. Jennings doesn't mess around with bloody scenes of guts and gore, which I appreciate, and she does it all with brilliant wit! Her narration style keeps things moving, and I especially enjoyed the relationship between the sisters, Ansley and Shay. These two crack jokes in stressful situations - I totally respect that. If family drama and a pack of cannibals coming for your favorite characters sound like your thing, then do yourself a favor and pick up Reception.

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