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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week- April 14th, 2021

MAGE OF THE HELLMOUTH by John Wayne Comunale

Happy Wednesday horror readers! 
Mage of the Hellmouth by John Wayne Comunale is an unexpected, wild ride of a book. I purchased the Thunderstorm Books hardcover edition, which is just pure eye candy, and is unadulterated proof that I in fact will buy a book for its cover. When I finally read the synopsis, I was like WTF did I get myself into? Now I can breathe a sigh of relief *whew* because I had the best time reading it.


I never knew I was so into demonic role playing games, but here we are. Best friends, Jake and Max work low paying jobs at a local, family-owned ice cream factory. They basically spend their days stoned and drinking beer. That is, until Jake is transferred to the company’s main facility across town. The pay is better, but things seem odd and now his friend Max is missing. The more time he spends there, the more he realizes that the strangeness of this company connects in a weird way to a game he was obsessed with as a child, Mage of Hellmouth.
This is horror comedy at its best. It reminded me of the movie Clerks, but with a demonic atmosphere and an interesting take on Cerberus creatures. I am usually hard to please when it comes to humorous horror because my sense of humor is dry as a bone, but I enjoyed every page.
Both the Grindhouse Press paperback cover and the Thunderstorm Books hardcover are unconventional and equally rad! Highly recommend owning both copies.
Have a great week, kittens! Stella, Mia, and Jules say hello!

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