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Horror Reviewers OPEN for Requests

Our favorite thing here at Night Worms is putting the RIGHT Horror book in the hands of the RIGHT Horror readers. As co-owners of Night Worms AND members of the #bookstagram community (for 5 years) on Instagram, we know a lot of people who love to read & review Horror fiction. Here is our curated list of good people who write great reviews. 

Their preferred method of contact is here for you as well as some links to their social media platforms. Please be respectful in honoring their requests to contact them appropriately and professionally. Also, while their status to review requests is currently open, that is subject to change. We hope more Horror gets read & reviewed!

Kallie @pageandparlor please use the form on her blog:

or her email:

Donnie @thehorrorhypothesis uses Insta DMs or email:

Amanda Turner @readlingoctopus714

I am active on Instagram and Twitter, and I post reviews in both of those locations, as well as on GoodReads and Amazon.  I interact on all platforms daily. Below are the links to my primary platforms: 

I prefer physical copies of books as I get migraines when reading on a device for long periods of time, but I am open to considering e-galleys as well. 
To contact me for review considerations, please DM me on Instagram or Twitter. 


Richelle @n0vel.id3a please choose from the following methods HERE

Heather @h.hellion

Horror Hellion Reviews
witter: @HSquared13

Glenn @thehellbound_heart

for podcast interview/review request use the contact tab on

Tali says "Authors can reach me via Instagram or my email" (

Beth @mrsbeverlygibbs uses this email:

Matt @teamredmon uses this email:

Check out his blog:

Janelle @shereadswithcats said you can DM her on Insta or

Also here is her blog link:

Ben @reading.vicariously has a contact form on the blog or this email:


John @steelrainreviews has a blog or email: 
Steel Rain Book Reviews
best contacted at
Twitter: @JimConiglio
Tav uses this email:
Find her on Instagram: @readswithdogs
Andrew @thebookdad uses this email:
and check out his website:
Keely is open to DMs on her Instagram @keelyfuse85
Alex @findingmontauk1 uses Insta DMs or this email:
Marcy @marcyreads is avail. on Insta through DMs or her email:
Cassie @holo.reader uses email letsgetgalactic@gmail or her blog
Chandra @wherethereadergrows uses email
I’m Aina, and I post my book reviews on my blog, Instagram, Goodreads and Amazon. Publishers can reach me through my blog or any social media accounts.
My name is Amanda Castro and can best be reached at or on my DMs on Instagram @thecrookedhouse
Alex says, "They can email me at or message me on Instagram."
my Instagram is @gray__pages__616, my Goodreads link is



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  • Our friend Beth
    Beth mrsbeverlygibbs uses this email:
    Is a Black, female, reviewer and she’s on this list.

    • Night Worms
  • Thanks for posting your staff. I’ve followed a few on either Twitter or Instagram. Was hoping you see a few Black reviewers on your list/website. Thank you.

    • Olanda Thompson