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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day 2021: ATTACK OF THE 50 Foot Indian by Stephen Graham Jones


"First, I want this book cover as a poster for my house. It's too clever with its throwback matchbook-style and the way the 50 Foot Indian is striking a sasquatch pose (the story does come to the Puget Sound/Elliot Bay).
Second, I read a story when I was a child about a very small Indian displaced from his homeland that has stuck with me all this time, so reading about a very big Indian displaced from his homeland made me immediately emotional and nostalgic.
This is the tale of Two Moons...
Bam. Tears.
It's part subject matter and part Stephen Graham Jones' writing- his wordsmithing makes me cry. It's not something I feel that I can put into words, just believe me.
I don't need to tell you what this novelette is about. All I want to say is that there is so much here: Behind the veil, between the words, and infused into the carefully chosen phrases.
It's a simple story with a big impact told like only SGJ can tell it. There's humor, irony, satire, and heart. It's everything. I loved it."

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