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Guest Post: A Photoshoot Inspired by Fiction | Mike Thorn & Danielle Nicol



Danielle Nicol
Danielle Nicol is a Calgary based artist known for her raw and emotional imagery. She started her photographic journey in front of the lens as a model for photographers and artists. Her insatiable curiosity, a need to be creative, and a desire to have her own voice led her to step behind the lens. At the time she was struggling with addiction and her mental health. Photography helped refuel her passion and gain a sense of purpose, and she threw herself into it with reckless abandon. She began shooting herself when experimenting with lighting or technique, because models were not readily available. What started as experimentation soon grew to a form of expression, and a way to explore herself and work through the struggles she was facing, in turn helping her redefine her own sense of self on her own terms. Two years into her artistic journey, she left an abusive relationship and got sober. Creation became a necessity for her survival in the process. Now six years into her sobriety, she continues to use her art as a means of catharsis and to explore what makes herself and others tick. 
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Mike Thorn
Mike Thorn is the author of Shelter for the Damned, Darkest Hours, and Peel Back and See. His fiction has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, and podcasts, including Vastarien, Dark Moon Digest, and The NoSleep Podcast. His books have earned praise from Jamie Blanks (director of Urban Legend and Valentine), Jeffrey Reddick (creator of Final Destination), and Daniel Goldhaber (director of Cam). His essays and articles have been published in American Twilight: The Cinema of Tobe Hooper(University of Texas Press), Beyond Empowertainment: Exploring Feminist Horror (Seventh Row), The Film Stage, and elsewhere. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick. 
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  • I absolutely love this and hope to see more shoots soon

    • Aimee