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Friday Feels- October 23rd, 2020

Happy Friday, Night Worms! It’s getting colder and there is no more perfect book to chill you to the bone than Bone White. This book kills it with suspense, pacing and Malfi’s writing is just *CHEF’S KISS*.  The thing that I love about this book is how subtle the horror is. So many horror authors spend so much time trying to off put readers with blood and guts that they forget how terrifying seemingly ordinary situations can be. Malfi also did a superb job on his atmosphere. Both the physical atmosphere and setting of the book but also the atmosphere created while reading such a slow and creepy novel.

If you want to spend some time inside getting scared under a blanket, then this book is for you, Worms!

Have a safe weekend everyone and remember to go VOTE!

Kallie @pageandparlor

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