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Cover Reveal: DEVIL'S NIGHT by Curtis M. Lawson

DEVIL'S NIGHT by Curtis M. Lawson

Bear witness to the ghosts and dark gods of Motor City, revealed by the light of a fiery cityscape. It’s the night before Halloween and Detroit is burning in a celebration of arson and vandalism. Devil’s Night is a unique collection of interconnected urban horror stories taking you back to October 30th, 1987. Drawing inspiration from Michigan legends such as the Nain Rouge and the Hobo Pig Lady, Lawson weaves a rich and haunting tapestry of terror and tragedy. Inside these pages, you will find cursed vinyl records, inner-city druids, diabolical priests, and slim slivers of hope. Devil’s Night burns with Curtis M. Lawson’s signature brand of supernatural dread. This is smart psychological horror, ablaze with visceral imagery, with equal measures of heart and heartache.
The limited edition hardcover is signed and numbered with 14 brand new stories and 9 full color illustrations.
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"Curtis M. Lawson's Devil's Night is a revelation. Far more than just a random collection of horror stories, this volume of thematically linked tales uses horror, weirdness, and grue to convey the author's brooding ruminations on the state of our society--the stark contrast of rich and poor, the grim levels of violence that we blandly tolerate in our inner cities, and the struggles of families to remain whole in the wake of crime and tragedy. Lawson is not merely a rising star in contemporary weird fiction; this volume shows that he has fully arrived and is a force to be reckoned with."- S. T. Joshi

“Curtis M. Lawson is a formidable new talent in the horror/weird fiction scene, soon to garner more well-deserved attention for his riveting and wildly imaginative work.” - Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

 "Lawson does for Devil's Night what Carpenter did for Halloween. Creepy, unnerving and unapologetically original." - Duncan Ralston, author of Ghostland
"In his latest collection, Lawson weaves together fourteen tales inspired by the infamous Detroit Devil’s Night and the legend of the Nain Rouge. Venturing back to October 30, 1987, you, the reader, will find yourself plunged into a city on fire and where not, decaying like a tooth from within. Whether venturing out or huddling under the covers, no one is safe from the darkness blighting the city. Lawson paints a stylish and horrific depiction of the conflicts his lost souls, and you with them, must endure in their hopes to make it through the evening. Some of their journeys will touch you, others will tickle you, but all will terrorize you to any modern horror fan’s wicked pleasure. Imaginative, artful, and ever-so-creepy, Devil’s Night will have you burning through its pages and keeping on the light."
- Jason Parent author of What Hides Within
"Lawson drags us back in time, through smoke and fire, and forces us to confront the hellish realities that ignite his urban landscape." - Gregor Xane, author of The Hanover Block

Author Bio:
Curtis M. Lawson is a writer of unapologetically weird, dark fiction and poetry. His work includes Black Heart Boys' Choir, It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, and The Devoured.
Curtis is a member of the Horror Writer's Association and the host of the Wyrd Transmissions podcast. He lives in Salem, MA with his wife and son.

Art by Luke Spooner of Carrion House -

Check out for a look at another stunning piece of interior art for Devil's Night!

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