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Cover Reveal: ANTIOCH by Jessica Leonard

Novel: Antioch

Author: Jessica Leonard

Cover artist: Matthew Revert

Page count: 212

Publisher: Perpetual Motion Machine

Publication Date: October 27, 2020



Note: All pre-orders will come with a signed bookplate from the author.


Antioch used to be a quiet small town where nothing bad ever happened. Now six women have been savagely murdered. The media dubs the killer “Vlad the Impaler” due to the gruesome crime scenes of his victims. Clues are drying up fast and the hunt for the monster responsible is hitting a dead end.

After picking up a late-night transmission on her short-wave radio, a local bookseller named Bess becomes convinced a seventh victim has already been abducted. Bess is used to spending her nights alone reading about Amelia Earhart conspiracy theories, and now a new mystery has fallen in her lap: one she might actually be able to solve.

Assuming she doesn’t also wind up abducted.

Antioch, a cross between Session 9 and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock, is an eerie mind-bending debut horror novel guaranteed to leave you drowning in paranoia.


Jessica Leonard lives in western Kentucky with her husband, son, and two dogs. Antioch is her first novel.

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