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Book Review: SAVAGE SEASON by Joe Lansdale | BIG Hap & Leonard Read Along with Mother Horror



Author: Joe R. Lansdale

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard/Penguin

My first review of the BIG Hap & Leonard Read Along hosted by me, Sadie Hartmann “Mother Horror” in partnership with Tachyon Publications & Mulholland Books.

I’ve been literally moving from one Joe Lansdale book to the next unable to quench this thirst for Lansdale’s unique, gritty, and often hilarious (albeit emotional) storytelling style.

 It’s my fondness for THE BOTTOMS, PARADISE SKY, MOON LAKE, FREEZER BURN, THE DRIVE-IN, and THE EDGE OF DARK WATER that lead me to Hap & Leonard and a desire to binge the whole series. Of course, I had to throw an invite out into the book nerd universe to see if anyone wanted to join me and the response has been overwhelming! We have a big group discussion hosted on Goodreads HERE with about 50 members.

Tachyon has kindly provided us with a unique discount code for their collection of Lansdale’s books and you can take advantage of that HERE including but not limited to, future Hap & Leonard books you’ll need later on in the read along.

SAVAGE SEASON is book one in the Hap & Leonard series and introduces us to three, main, colorful characters: Hap Collins, Leonard Pine, and Hap’s ex-wife Trudy. The dialog that transpires between these three characters is seriously laugh-out-loud funny. 

Hap & Leonard’s friendship consists mostly of busting each other’s balls but it’s easy to get a sense of that strong brotherhood bond that rests just under the surface of all that banter.


I loved the sexual tension and chemistry between Hap and Trudy. Especially whenever Leonard is around to be the third, disapproving, wise-cracking third wheel. In no time at all, this unlikely trio gets in over their heads when the two guys wind up getting involved in some shady, under-the-table job offer presented by Trudy. Some unsavory characters are introduced when Hap and Leonard find out that Trudy’s get-rich-quick scheme comes with plenty of strings attached.

In just under two hundred pages this is a great first book in a series there’s just enough there to get invested in Hap & Leonard’s lives as well as get acquainted with what seems to be the main selling points: Mayhem & Comedy. I’m so down for it. And excited for the future.

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