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Book Review: NEGATIVE SPACE Edited by Aric Sundquist

Negative Space: Anthology of Survival horror.

The publisher is Dark Peninsula Press and this is their debut release.
It came out on June 16th
Negative Space, from Dark Peninsula Press is an anthology of survival horror. What you ask, is survival horror? Well, it’s a term coined from ps1 era games such as resident evil. It’s about atmosphere, dread, scavenging supplies. Hoping to hell that last bullet takes down that creature. 
If the video game inspiration doesn’t sell you, that’s fine. I’ve read the book, I can tell you the stories stand on their own. They embody what survival horror is about and make it their own on these pages. Hell, I’m sure you’ve read survival horror without realizing that’s what you read. 
I really enjoyed this collection and there wasn’t much here in the way I could have done without. All of the stories did what they set out to do, and did it quite well. A few of my favorites:
Luminescence by Scott Milder
The Collectors by Michelle Tang 
It’s Inside by S.R. Miller
Curiosity’s Child by Jude Reid
Midnight, off Arkansas River Trail by Eric J. Guignard
This is one of the better collections I’ve read this year. I had a good time with it. There are some good scares, good monsters, and well-done action sequences within the pages. I’m looking forward to seeing what Dark Peninsula does next.
4 Stars

John is a native of Cranston, Rhode Island. He served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, deploying twice to Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s a lover of all things horror, pizza and cheeseburgers.  When he’s not reading or watching boxing he spends his time with his amazing wife and two beautiful sons.

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