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Book Review: MUCHO MOJO by Joe R. Lansdale | BIG Hap & Leonard Read Along with Mother Horror


MUCHO MOJO by Joe R. Lansdale
Book 2 in the Hap & Leonard Series


“I like ambition. I like someone who gets up in the morning and has a purpose. A real purpose. I have one. I want whoever I love to have one."
"I always look forward to breakfast.”


Book 2 starts off right where SAVAGE SEASON leaves off. There are some references to situational stuff from the previous book but for the most part, MUCHO MOJO could totally work as a standalone novel (for those that were asking) A few pages in and  Leonard gets word that his uncle died. He stands to inherit the property. Hap moves in with Leonard, gets up to his usual smooth moves with the ladies and they men get to work fixing up the house which is in pretty poor condition. 
Hap and Leonard make a discovery during renovations which leads the two men down a pretty dark path.
Lansdale does a fine job preserving the levity in Hap & Leonard's dynamic even though the situation they're involved in is extremely grim. The character development goes deeper in this story as the men struggle to find their bearings in an overwhelmingly heavy situation. We get to see their moral compass, flaws, and strengths. More backstory is given for Leonard as a gay, Black man living and working in East Texas. There's an especially frustrating scene when Hap & Leonard make a visit to a Reverend Fizgerald who starts in on what the Bible says about homosexuality. I wanted to crawl through the pages and wring his neck. Leonard holds his own though, and I appreciated the back and forth dialog even though I've heard that religious shit so many times it starts making my teeth itch. 

Joe R. Lansdale's storytelling is like a warm blanket. This is my happy place. I'm looking forward to book 3, THE TWO-BEAR MAMBO
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