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Book Review: BAD CHILI by Joe R. Lansdale | BIG Hap & Leonard Read Along with Mother Horror


Bad Chili Hap & Leonard Book 4 Joe R. Lansdale In a classic Lansdale move, Bad Chili begins with Hap & Leonard giving each other shit. These two get roasted! A rabid squirrel jumps out of nowhere and chases the men around, ultimately biting Hap which sends him to the ER. He meets a bombshell woman with red hair and a no-bullshit attitude (because of course he does!).
Things take a sharp turn when he learns that his best friend is in some pretty serious trouble and is now missing. Bad Chili doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hap and Leonard are always cracking wise, even in the darkest of times which keeps the reader at peak levels of entertainment. Hap’s new girl, Brett invites all kinds of sexual innuendos and flirty banter giving fans even more insight to Hap’s character as Lansdale continues to develop our duo into fully formed, flawed heroes.
"Life's like a bowl of chili in a strange café. Sometimes it's pretty tasty and spicy. Other times, it tastes like shit."
This is one of my favorites because it had a gentle, lighthearted touch, for the most part-a nice reprieve from the relentless mayhem of the previous three. But if book 5 totally goes there, I’m ready to buckle up and go for the ride. I’m invested. All in with this series.
Next up in the Hap & Leonard Series...BOOK 5


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