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Book Review: 2B by Mark Allan Gunnells


2B by Mark Allan Gunnells


Book Review by @mother.horror


Berkley Simmons, the main character, is a reader (he has great taste!) and he works in a bookstore which is so fun. Right away, I started getting strong, The Invisible Man, vibes. Berkley and his ex had a toxic relationship and when he ended things, his ex did not take it well.
A violent encounter leaves both men dead (not a spoiler), except Berkley's neighbor saves his life. When Berkley finally comes back to his apartment, the traumatic experience lingers--but also, strange things begin happening.
I love how the author developed the MC's friend group: Ernie, Sasha, and Zane. The different ways they support Berkley added so much depth to the way Gunnells was able to flesh out Berkley's feelings about what had happened through his interactions and conversations with his friends.
My favorite scene was game night with the whole friend group--the dynamic was so entertaining.
It was also fucking scary. I'm serious. I don't like Ouija boards. Great execution on delivering chills.
As the story progresses and grows in intensity, my investment in certain characters developed--especially Ernie and Sasha.
I'm recommending this book to fans who like hauntings, authentic relationships, character-driven scenarios to move the story along, dynamic friendships, the paranormal, Ouija boards, and unique plot developments. I loved this. (In fact, I'm changing my rating to 5 stars because I just realized how much I'm going to miss my fictional friends. Can there be a part 2?!)


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