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APEX MAGAZINE 2022 Kickstarter


APEX MAGAZINE 2022 Kickstarter

"We're kickstarting another year of Apex Magazine. If you love what we've done over the past 124 issues—especially the ones published so far this year help us secure the funds to do more!

While we work toward sustainability, we require your help if we're to publish a full slate of six new issues in 2022. Our baseline funding request will pay for the first three issues of 2022. Anything funded above that amount will go toward a number of site improvements, content expansion, and paying creators more."

The Kickstarter launches July 19th and runs through August 18th, 2021,10AM EDT. 

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The man with the titanium jaw, Jason Sizemore is a three-time Hugo Award-nominated editor, writer, and publisher who operates the genre press Apex Publications. He currently lives in Lexington, KY. For more information visit or you can find him on Twitter @apexjason.


Lesley Conner is a writer/editor, managing editor of Apex Publications, and a Girl Scout leader. She lives in Maryland  with her husband and two daughters, and is currently working on a  new novel. To find out all her secrets, you can follow her on Twitter at  @LesleyConner.

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