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Darkest Fears - June 2021

Darkest Fears - June 2021

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Are you ready to face your darkest fears

⛈ The first book is a brand new, highly anticipated wide release by Josh Malerman!
It is a hardcover and will come with a signed bookplate! Hint: It rhymed with Shmoblin. 😉

ğŸŽ¡ The second book is a brand new (early release for Worms) collection of stories by Philip Fracassi with an intro by Josh Malerman. This paperback will also come with a signed bookplate!

⛈ Josh has put together something really cool and unique for this package that isn't available anywhere else! You won't want to miss it if you're a Malermaniac!

ğŸŽ¡ As always, there will be a bag full of treats to enhance your reading experience!

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⛈ Graphic art by @theinksmithe

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