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Feasting on Horror - November 2019:
Feasting on Horror - November 2019:
Feasting on Horror - November 2019:

Feasting on Horror - November 2019:

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November 2019 "Feasting on Horror" Night Worms package!

November is the month where people gather together to celebrate family, friends and good food. Night Worms is no different! Our Horror-Loving family will gather together and feast on the written word. We're thankful for horror--it's our happy place!

You will receive three books in this package. 

The first course is a delightful poetry collection inspired by the true crimes of an 18th-century serial killer written by a Bram Stoker winning author. (signed bookplates)

The second course is a brand new novel featuring depraved, bloodthirsty animals and one of the most wicked and merciless villains in horror fiction. (signed bookplates)

Our last course is another Bram Stoker winner author with a quirky novel about staying sane in an insane world. (signed bookplates)

We have spoilers on our Instagram in case you need to cancel some preorders or make sure you're not doubling up on books.

Featured Publisher: Excession Press

Featured Artists: Hey Atlas, Lively Ghosts, and More!


  • One Time Purchase - You will only receive this month's box.  Your subscription will not renew.


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Feasting on Horror - November 2019: