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Summer Vacation - August 2019
Summer Vacation - August 2019
Summer Vacation - August 2019

Summer Vacation - August 2019

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Night Worms is a monthly subscription book club package which includes a selection of curated, horror books, original artwork by an artist handpicked by us, publisher schwag and a few goodies to enhance your reading experience.

August 2019 "Summer Vacation" Night Worms package!

It's summertime and this is the time that people pack up their favorite belongings, load up the family car and head off on summer vacation! Where is the destination? A remote cabin in the woods? The Mayan ruins in the jungle? A beach house on the edge of a precipice?

This package includes:

1 brand new release "Southern, Gothic, Road Trip"

1 previously released book "Summer Camp" theme

1 awesome indie published magazine specializing in horror and dark fantasy

A variety of goodies to enhance your reading experience!

Featured Publisher: The Horror Writers Association! They are providing unique, custom swag as well as providing two gift packages up for grabs. A package for a random subscriber to win and one package for any Night Worm to win.


  • One Time Purchase - You will only receive this month's box.  Your subscription will not renew.


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Summer Vacation - August 2019