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Horror Addiction - February 2020
Horror Addiction - February 2020
Horror Addiction - February 2020

Horror Addiction - February 2020

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Night Worms is a monthly subscription book club package that includes a selection of curated, horror books, original artwork by an artist handpicked by us, publisher schwag and a few goodies to enhance your reading experience.

Featured Publisher/Editor: Wicked Run Press

February 2020 theme for Night Worms is “Horror Addiction”

Here at Night Worms, we have a real problem: We are addicted to Horror Fiction! The only cure?? More Horror.

Ashley and I read a story called LIQUID HANDCUFFS in a collection by Christa Carmen titled, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLOOD SOAKED 💉

We both were struck by the subject matter and the sub-genre of “Addiction Horror”. We also want to be sensitive to our subscribers so we did full spoilers for one of the books, LULLABIES FOR SUFFERING. This anthology follows a theme of addiction and features some of our favorite authors: Gabino Iglesias, Caroline Kepnes, John F. D. Taff, Mercedes Yardley and Kealan Patrick Burke.

If this theme is triggering for you, there’s an option to skip. We have two more books in this package as well as our usual Night Worms goodie bag! This is a highly anticipated anthology and Ashley and I are really excited to introduce you to the horrors of this sub-genre if you haven’t dabbled in it before.

Featured Artists:  Future Monsters


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Horror Addiction - February 2020