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Cover Reveal: Drill by Scott R. Jones

DRILL by Scott R. Jones

Publisher: Word Horde

Cover Artist: Matthew Revert

Date of Publication: August 6th, 2024


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Magical mailman kills God in this novel of cosmic horror/occult ritual from Scott R. Jones, the author of Stonefish.


YOU ARE IN DANGER. You are afflicted with a mind parasite that feeds on your suffering and destroys your families so it can have something to drink from your ruined energetic body. To burn it out is the only way and it is the fire of your personal apocalypse, or revealing, that will perform this cleansing action. Contact me in any way you can should you require further help in this matter. I am here for you as a fellow human being, with a nervous system and feelings like yours, and as a practicing sorcerer, beyond feeling anything…


"Scott R. Jones is a master of creating fully-realized characters who must navigate worlds where the unimaginably weird has become disturbingly normal for them... His autofictional narrator's conversational, sometimes confessional stream of consciousness gels into a dark and strange personal history tainted by horrors both otherworldly and all too familiar. DRILL twists family conflict, religious fervor, and ravening cosmic forces into a richly-detailed and compelling novel of loss and vengeance, resonant and deeply felt."

---Erica Ruppert, author of Imago and Other Transformations


"...this work is among the most unabashedly unique reading experiences I've had in quite some time. It's an angry book, depicting the traumatic effects of cults on family dynamics across generation lines, but there's an undeniable righteousness to the rage, a sympathetic vulnerability, and a desire to either destroy or heal---tied as that is to the novel's supernatural underbelly and existential stakes. I'm not sure I've ever read anything quite like DRILL."

---Cody Lakin, author of The Family Condition


"Having gnawed away the rotten roots of orthodox cosmic horror until the way was cleared for new growth, Jones comes at us in his final form with DRILL… and all that came before seems so quaint before such a pyrotechnic display of batshit insane ideas and intimate, lacerating characterization. This one will leave a hole in your head and heart you could drive a car through."

---Cody Goodfellow, author of Unamerica


DRILL is a dense yet mystical cosmic horror novel serving as a meta mask for an elaborate magical ritual... Scott R. Jones is a sorcerer and DRILL is him flexing his literary muscles and crafting a narrative that will leave an everlasting imprint on your psyche."

---Grant Wamack, author of Bullet Tooth

Scott R. Jones is a Canadian writer living in Victoria BC with his wife and two frighteningly intelligent spawn. He was once kicked out of England for some very good reasons.

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