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YA Horror Review by Jess - Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Wilder Girls by Rory Power (release date 7/9/19)

  Hook. Line. Sinker - from the first sentence:
"Something. Way out in the white-dark. Between the trees, moving where the thickets swarm."
  You see right away there will be heroism as well as inevitable death. But from the beginning, the characters and relationships grow on you. You were just anticipating the worst, but hoping for the best. The sitting on the edge of your seat anticipation is the kind of horror that you were thrown into from the first page.
  There must be a trigger warning that it's not for the faint of heart. Surprisingly, for a YA horror, it has plenty of detailed stomach-queasy gore.
  Do you know those books that you just can't put down? This is one of those! Definitely, a genre-bending, must-read of 2019! You fall so deeply and relate to these characters, that you HAVE to know what they're going through and what's happening with them. When I put the book down, even for a short while, I was finding myself still thinking about it! That to me, in my own opinion, is what makes a book so great! It needs to resonate with you while reading, taking a break, or even long after you've read it. I was always thinking - "What now?" Trying to guess what's happening, what could be the conclusion?
  For a debut novel, this was absolutely mind-blowing! I'll definitely be watching for more of her work!

  Final conclusion:
"Brutal, enthralling, and a bewitching feminist twist of Lord of the Flies." But, just put in a unique YA horror.  This is a MUST READ for fans of horror, YA, and how much you're willing to sacrifice for your friendships.

      ***Five Glittering Black Stars!***
   My name is Jess and from my very first memory, I always remember books playing an important part in my life. My mother gave me her love of reading. She always had a book with her and I always remember taking constant trips to the library which became a safe haven for me. I am forever thankful for the love of reading she instilled in me. I have vivid memories of checking out and always rereading R.L.Stein's Goosebumps, the starting of my love of horror and grew from there...
   Now, I'm a mother of 3 wonderful children of my own ranging from teen to baby. I have continued the love of books to them from the very beginning and have only let them grow from there. I am SO proud to say I'm a mommy of 3 voracious bookworms and nothing makes my heart feel more full!
You can find Jess on Instagram, here: @ghoulishspirit

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