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It's Thanksgiving today and Ashley and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our customers and our biggest supporters. We are so thankful for you.

"I am so excited about Night-worms! Now this caters to my tastes exactly—focus on books, reviews, and discovering new authors!" @kimberlyyerina6466

"Your readers and followers are what created this opportunity and they will be thrilled to receive their first box." ChiZine Publications

"If you love horror, the Night Worms Book Club was created for you. Run by smart, honest people who are passionate about horror, Night Worms is the best way to get box full of nightmares delivered straight to your door." Jonathan Janz

"Hey kids! Want a box full of dark wonders? Follow the and watch for January preorders coming soon! There are some amazing books and other delicacies in this Pandora's box that you definitely MUST open." @ShaneDouglasKeene

"I’m starting a new thing: Friday Shout Out, where I’ll signal boost someone doing cool things in the genre. Inaugural FSO goes to They are doing stellar things for horror. A book club, horror boxes, reviews. Amazing stuff." Alan Baxter

"Book lovers: If you haven't heard of yet you should maybe remedy that. Who doesn't love a book club" Chad Lutzke

 "A special post by a special group all #horror fans should check out, @night_worms! If you're looking for fantastic curated reads but do NOT want a monthly subscription box eating up your expendable income, @night_worms might be just what your looking for. The ladies of @night_worms have fantastic taste, and their box is on a per-month basis. Get what you want, when you want, and only what you want. That's book box harmony, folks!" Ania Ahlborn

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