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Card Catalog of Horror

We are so excited to announce that we will have some regular content on the Night Worms Blog starting this month! Please watch this space for author interviews, Top Ten Lists, Book Reviews, Guest Posts, Gift Ideas, Articles, Friday Feels and MORE! Today we're opening the old, dusty card catalog to promote some of our favorite authors. Here's who we found in each letter of the alphabet:

A- Ania Ahlborn

Ania leads the pack in atmospheric horror with rich settings and vivid imagery. We recommend: BROTHER/REVIEW

B- Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter writes high energy, fast paced supernatural, urban horror/thrillers. We recommend: DEVOURING DARK/REVIEW

C- Nick Cutter

Cutter specializes in graphic imagery and intense settings. We recommend: LITTLE HEAVEN/REVIEW

D- Andy Davidson

A "new to us" author we loved Andy's dark vampire western, IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN/Cemetery Dance Review



F- Preston Fassel

We loved Preston's debut book OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO. It's a dark, gritty tale that is soon to be a movie. REVIEW

G- Eric J. Guignard

Congratulations to Eric for winning the 2018 Bram Stoker award for THAT WHICH GROWS WILD an amazing and diverse collection of stories. REVIEW


H- Matt Hayward

Matt Hayward is a horror author that recently co-wrote a book with Robert Ford called, A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, we highly recommend it. Cemetery Dance REVIEW


I- Gabino Iglesias

Relevant, thought provoking, challenging, commentary on social issues. Gabino Iglesias translates his heart for humanity into his unflinching crime-noir fiction. We recommend COYOTE SONGS/REVIEW


J- Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz is one of the most successful horror authors of our time. His books are consistently rated highly among readers who love quality, original horror and dark fiction. We recommend THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER/REVIEW


K- Alma Katsu

One of the most popular horror releases in 2018 Alma Katsu is on our must watch list-we are eagerly anticipating more dark, historical horror! REVIEW


L- Chad Lutzke

One of our all time favorite authors. If you haven't read any of Chad's work, you must fix that right now. Start with OF FOSTER HOMES AND FLIES/REVIEW


M- Tim Meyer

A recent discovery for us and now we're addicted to Meyer's unique versatility covering many sub-genres of horror. We recommend: THE SWITCH HOUSE/REVIEW


N- James Newman

James Newman rocks a classic horror vibe that we fell in love with. Memorable characters and a fast, easy-to-read narrative that makes you turn pages. We recommend: THE WICKED/REVIEW


O- Joyce Carol Oates

We're dying to read some Oates! Her first novel was printed in 1960s! We need to get on the train!! Taking recommendations.


P- John Palisano

Bram Stoker nominated author a few times over! John has a strong, classic storytelling voice perfect for Creature Features! Check out NIGHT OF 1,000 BEASTS


Q- Lisa Quigley

Co-Host of LADIES OF THE FRIGHT Podcast, Lisa is branching out into writing reviews and fiction! Keep an eye on her!


R- Sarah Read

A "new to us" author, we loved loved the atmospheric, gothic style of this "dark academia" story, THE BONE WEAVER'S ORCHARD/REVIEW (coming to Cemetery Dance soon)


S- David Sodergren

David is an avid horror movie fan and brings that knowledge and fan base to his storytelling voice. THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND is full of gore, mayhem and a final girl story fans will love. REVIEW


T- John F. D. Taff

The "King of Pain" brings horror after horror in this award winning collection of short stories. REVIEW

U- Undertow Publications

"Undertow Publications is an award-winning independent press in Canada dedicated to publishing original and unique short fiction of exceptional literary merit. We publish anthologies and collections in hardcover, trade paperback, and eBook formats.

Our “Contemporary Classics” line features highly collectable deluxe hardcovers in limited editions.

We are endearingly weird, and proud of it."

Looking forward to THIS HOUSE OF WOUNDS


V- Matt Vaughn

Matt Vaughn writes some pretty crazy, graphic, horror stories perfect for people who enjoy a fast paced, grind house style romp full of strange characters and disturbing violence. Check out: HELLSWORLD HOTEL


W- Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner does it all. He rocks out and writes songs for his death-metal band BROKEN HOPE as well as finds the time to write horror fiction. We recommend RABID HEART-we included this book in our February 2019 package.



Y- Rio Youers

Rio is a brilliant writer. We fell in love with last year's release, HALCYON and we tell everyone and anyone to read it. REVIEW

We're looking forward to THE FORGOTTEN GIRL


Z- S. Craig Zahler

HUG CHICKENPENNY sounds like a Tim Burton-esque dark fairytale. We're excited to read it.






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