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Janelle's Horror Book of the Week- THEY ALL DIED SCREAMING by Kristopher Triana


THEY ALL DIED SCREAMING by Kristopher Triana


Hey it’s Monday and I say let’s embrace it by reading good books. I cannot believe another week has flown by so here we go again. I had strange week of reading where nothing really stood out to me. I mean I had a few contenders, but nothing flashy. It was an average Sunday of reading and watching TV and then BAM, Sadie Hartmann shouts out a book. It’s an author I love and I already own it, so why not?

In the eleventh hour I picked up THEY ALL DIED SCREAMING by Kristopher Triana. For some reason, every time I read a Triana book it’s an entirely new experience. This one in particular has several vile scenes, so much so I was questioning my life choices. Why am I reading this? If someone would have put a mirror in front of my face while I was reading I can only imagine the most disgusted expression was frozen there for several minutes at a time. I mean, yes there are horrific scenes like rape, torture, and murder, but mostly it’s the combination of extremely realistic characters combined with brutally unimaginable things. And now you’re thinking, why should I read this?

Kristopher Triana is an exceptional writer - it’s that simple. I honestly have no idea how he can write such things and yet keep me flipping through the pages as quickly as possible. I have to know where these characters end up. What could possibly happen next? I read this book in one sitting.

THEY ALL DIED SCREAMING is disturbing, cringeworthy, and masterfully written. I have no idea who to recommend this book to, but let me just say the ending is genius. There are two storylines to follow and I refuse to tell you anything except one storyline revolves around a strange plague that drives people into madness and the other includes one of the most depraved characters I’ve ever read. Just trust me - if extreme horror interests you, go in blind. The ending made me gasp and I expect nothing less from a Kristopher Triana story. So what’s the final word? I loved it.

See you next week horror lovers! Also, say hi to Stella *woof* She’s ten weeks old and my sweet sidekick. 

Happy Monday y’all! See you next week! 

Janelle Janson @ She Reads with Cats

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