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Friday Feels- June 25th, 2020

Happy Friday Night Worms! Wanna get emotionally hit by a truck this weekend? Let me help. I have a book that will punch you straight in the feels. It wrecked me. Straight up demolished. I went into this knowing that John Boden’s writing has always been beautiful and this book was no different. This author's ability to create likable and deep characters is outstanding. The main character seems like the strong and silent type to anyone unfamiliar with him, but he is just an overall good guy that melted my whole entire heart talking about how much he loved his wife. Those were some of my favorite parts of this book when we would get little snippets into the early relationship between the protagonist and his late wife.
I’m not sure exactly why, but I just kept picturing this book like Big Fish while I was reading it. You know how, in Big Fish, the dad has these TALL tales and the flashbacks are always beautifully shot and surreal to see? That’s exactly what it feels like reading this book with a spookier angle to it. And I LOVED it.

Like I said earlier, Boden’s writing is beautiful. There were a few times that I stopped reading for a second because his descriptions were so dead-on and vivid. The dialogue in the book is also really casual and believable.
Oh and this book only has 106 pages. I’m not exactly sure how Boden packed those few pages with such an unforgettable story, but he did it and he did it well.
This book is exceptional. It’s a vivid and well-written story that will I recommend to everyone. It is in the running to be my favorite book of 2020.

You all need to read this book ASAP. But be prepared for the emotions it’s going to bring you. Have a great weekend, Worms! @pageandparlor

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