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Friday Feels- July 19th, 2019

Happy Friday Worms! Let’s chat for a bit about Shirley Jackson. You might know her as “that lady that wrote that Netflix show I like.” But I know her as the author of The Lottery, a short story that made me scared of the small farming town I lived in growing up. She lived a just a short 48 years, but she wrote over 200 short stories, 6 novels and 2 memoirs (and I can’t even get the laundry put away). She wrote The Haunting of Hill House (yes, that Netflix show you like so much) which is widely considered to be one of the best ghost stories ever written. A bunch of our favorite authors has said she has influenced their writing and she has had a massive impact on the horror community and the literary community as a whole. Take some time to read some of her work today. The book is better than that show anyways.


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