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Featured Review by Mindi Snyder: Doorbells At Dusk

Doorbells At Dusk Edited by Evans Light (Horror Anthology)

Publisher: Corpus Press

Reviewer: Mindi @gowsy33 

"I'm so glad I waited until later in the month to read this anthology because it's such a fun Halloween read! I was only familiar with 3 of the authors going into this one, and I love that, because it means that I'm about to potentially find some new favorites. This book has a number of creepy stories that stick with you, and a number of them are from authors that are new to me. I absolutely love it when I find a new writer that I can connect with.

The stand-outs for me start with a story called Rusty Hustk by Evans Light, who also happens to be the editor of the book. This one took me totally by surprise, and was a grisly fun read from start to finish. I knew I would probably like Josh Malerman's story Adam's Bed, I just didn't quite realize how unsettling it would be. I've thought about that one laying in the dark at night since I've read it, and it still gives me a delightfully creepy chill. Keeping Up Appearances is the second work by Jason Parent that I've read, and it was ghoulishly entertaining. I love it when bad people get what's coming to them in a very unexpected way. By now I've read enough by Chad Lutzke to know that I will read anything and everything he publishes. His writing has so much heart. I mean, Lutzke can take you to some really dark, dark places, and yet no matter what, it's like he's always there offering a hand to the reader and helping to lead the way. That's the best way I can describe his writing, and Vigil is pure Lutzke. I was so excited to read that story, and like always with Lutzke, it did not disappoint.

Mr.Impossible by Gregor Xane is one head trip of a story. I really enjoyed it. I just wish that Xane had gone all the way and given the story a body count. The Friendly Man is straight up horror. I remember houses on Halloween that did things to scare trick or treaters, and I know that I would have loved the scare that The Friendly Man sets up. But his trick is way more gruesome than anyone would care to acknowledge, except for a young, solitary trick or treater.

I could go on and pretty much mention every story in this book, but I think it's best to just say that this anthology is perfect reading for the Halloween season, and a whole lot of fun. It's definitely put me in the Halloween spirit."


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