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Diamond's Review- Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III

Ted and Justin were once best friends, but have been drifting apart over the years. Then Ted gets an urgent phone call, Justin needs him to come over shoot him in the heart with a silver bullet.

Dialogue heavy stories have a tendency to not work great for me, narrow it down between two characters in a single setting and the odds get slimmer. Oh, you're going to try and be funny too? Now the odds are close to none. Lucky for me, Booth knew what he was doing and managed to get me fully invested in his two delinquents, and completely enjoying Justin explaining how he became a werewolf and Ted explaining to him that is absolutely NOT a werewolf. The humor is rude and crude (and certainly won't land with everyone) and Ted and Justin aren't always the most likable of characters, but I think everyone can relate to having a best friend that you've grown apart from.
The focus on the friendship between the two and the uncertainty over whether Justin is a werewolf or just plain crazy was a unique take that I absolutely loved, but never fear--for all the time they spend in a basement drinking PBR and exchanging dick jokes, when the action starts it doesn't hold back (can shotgun-wielding old ladies become a common trope please? PLEASE?!?).
Not all friends will take a bullet for you, but that friend that will shoot you in the heart with a silver bullet if needed is the one you really need. So give them a call, crack open a beer, and read Carnivorous Lunar Activities. 

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