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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Night Worms Review Team


Ashley and I are excited to announce that we are transitioning the Night Worms Blog from a Team-Based Platform to an Open Submissions Based Platform. In an effort to promote horror more effectively and inclusively, we want to open the platform up to authors, publishers, reviewers, and other horror industry businesses to feel invited to share this space. 

Over the last year or so, we have enjoyed the team atmosphere: Group chats, buddy reads, book parties, and photo challenges but as we look into the future and see a new year on the horizon, we're ready to embrace some changes that we think will benefit the horror community and make a bigger impact as far as horror promotions go. We're excited!

The Night Worms Review Team will finish out the year in order to meet our outstanding commitments to organized book parties. We will be updating the blog regularly as scheduled. Come January 2021, the Night Worms Review Team will take a step back and join everyone else in an Open Submission Based Platform. We think this is an important step in community inclusivity providing available space with a large audience for Horror News to be amplified. 

We are inviting the community to pitch us ideas for blog posts. What we're looking for:

  • Cover reveals
  • Listicles
  • Author Interviews
  • Solo Book Reviews (current year only)
  • Side by Side Reviews (current year only/up to 5 buddy readers)
  • YouTube content (we will embed your video and promote it)
  • Instagram content (we can embed #bookstagram posts)
  • Author Guest Posts
  • Big Announcements!
  • Articles
  • Book Party Sign Ups (we might announce that we're having a Book Party and we will open up to requests, first come-first serve. These will be announced on Twitter )

Anyone in the Horror community is invited; welcomed. Please pitch your idea as such:

Subject: "Blog Pitch"


Please note: We will not be publishing everything that gets pitched. If your idea gets rejected, just try again later with something else. We only post once a day during the week if we choose to and are closed on the weekends, so available space is limited. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 

Sadie & Ashley

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