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“Obliquatur Voluptas”: Deviant Stories for the Deviant Mind

I didn’t find this anthology to be nearly as shocking and depraved as they marketed it, but I must admit there is a chance that I have been desensitized due to reading copious amounts of horror, smut and horror smut. There is only one story that made me disgusted, and that was the first one. “Chinara” by Wrath James White and Monica J. O’Rourke is graphic, yes, but that is not the reason I DNF it. The story is a racist mash-up of cannibalism and witchcraft, held together with a notion that mentioning genitalia makes it erotica. Oh, I hear your screams of “BUT HE CAN’T BE RACIST!!!! HE IS BLACK.” Yeah, I know. I am black too. There is something called colorism, which is when people within the same race treat others differently because of the color of their skin. In “Chinara”, the authors dehumanize albinos, centering the story on the still-held belief that albinos are magic, and eating their flesh will grant you magical powers. Aside from that, the story was disjointed and confusing. Is it simply because it is written by two authors who don’t blend very well, or is the story seamlessly written in one terrible voice? I don’t know and frankly, I am not willing to find out. I am glad I DNF it because the anthology picked up after that. The rest of the stories I did read, so they each get a short and sweet emoji review! 

🍯”A Trail of Honey” by Fredrick Street- It’s all fun and games smashing skulls until you realize you are trapped in a ghost orgy forever.

🙇🏻”Ministrations” by Michael Patrick Hicks- A great story about revenge on a serial rapist.

👵🏼”New Dreams” by Dani Brown- Basically a (current day) Rolling Stones concert plus sexbots on roller skates.

🥜 ”Breathless” by Evelyn DeShane - Choke me, Daddy…. but Daddy is Mr. Peanut.

👠”Fucking Flesh Walker” Jaap Boekestein- My 600 lb Life meets Extreme Makeover, Home Edition meets the best doctor pornhub has to offer.

👻”The Playroom” by Sarah Cannavo- They say it best in the story.. Casper, the kinky ghost.

🍬🍬”To Be Fed” by Shaun Avery- Fake incest and the gross misuse of Halloween candy.

🎓”It Only Comes if You Want It” Alex Gonzalez- Apparently Ivy League educations are so expensive because they include an evil sex demon!

🧛🏼”Marks” by Sommer Marsden- Super sexy vampire story.

🛎”Damnation” Lucas Milliron- Old Asian man, secret shop, two rules…. basically an XXX version of Gremlins with a lovely mummified tongue and rat bone necklace instead of a mogwai.

🖼”Courbet and De Sade Compare Notes in Hell” Kenzie Mathews- Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy plus “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and just a smattering of hermaphrodite to spice it up.

☢”Four Heads Are Better Than Two” Jeremy Wagner- You will never EVER flippantly refer to Stephen King as Uncle Steve EVER AGAIN.

🎭”A Dark Carnival of Soul” by Sergio Palumbo- Apparently masks don’t protect you from deadly gonorrhea.

💻”Red Rooms” by W. Tyler Paterson- The dark web knows everyone is a pervert, deep down inside.

📠”NSFW” by Nathan Robinson- H&R Block has a cannibalistic orgy.

🧍🏿”My Doll Likes to Eat” Ralph Robert Moore- A heart-warming tale about a rapey little sex doll who grows up to become a fat loser.

There you have it! My favorite story was “Ministrations” by Michael Patrick Hicks. It got off to a rough start, describing a sports bra in a sexy manner, but it really took off in a direction I was not at all expecting. If you would like a slightly more in-depth review of this anthology, I have an igtv review about it 

Don’t worry, it is captioned for sound-free enjoyment!

Beth Griffith lives in Maryland with her husband, three children and a pathetically small herd of cats. She enjoys reading smut and gardening. You can watch saucy smut reviews, read salty book reviews and keep tabs on her questionable life choices on Instagram @mrsbeverlygibbs

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